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rare unabridged134dear old88
good old43great34
busy18old & new18
great, hand-made14many other14
own precious13smoky old12
noisy12humane modern12
glorious12dirty old11
much nearer10literary and journalistic10
stuffy old10smoky10
idle9poor little9
dear9literary and artistic9
dull8famous old8
vast8old and new8
great cruel8good many8
several other8common7
nearer and nearer7nearer7
idle and unprofitable7gay7
great rich7grey7
huge7east, nearer6
east6awful gray6
last great6dim6
other famous6old-fashioned legal6
grand old6wicked6
ordinary little6usual tiny6
vast chaotic6dark6
own dear6old smoky6
gray, monstrous6other wicked6
brighter5common and incredible5
quaint old5dirty5
smart little5weary old5
busy and selfish5dirty little5
noisy, smoky5hospital5
lighter and friendlier5lighter5
sharp little5certain eminent5
dingy5cramped misty5
poor old5upper and lower5
upper5well-bred and well-fed5
well-bred5great busy5
merciless old5devilish, divine5
devilish5glorious, splendid5
great, glorious5brilliant, delightful5
glorious, devilish5wicked and immoral5
smoky dreary4little red4
sober4whole misty4
great criminal4noisy, bustling4
sombre, solid4sombre4
fine old4grim old4
romantic4musical or unmusical4
musical4gray old4
latest possible4well-dressed, well-to-do4
well-dressed4old dirty4
staid old4more august4
other eminent4great, smoky4
shabby, wicked4shabby4
best4grimy old4
other great4old foggy4
good little4proud old4
dear, smoky4dismal, smoky4
dismal4cool green4
dingy old4dull old4
familiar4little old4
long4deep yellow4
wonderful old4hot, dusty4
other well-known4foggy old4
own peculiar4theatrical and foreign4
old smokeless4vulgar modern4
shrewd old4modern journalistic4
small, thin4busy, selfish4
thrifty, hard-working4several successful4
great noisy4first-hand victorian3
brighter, happier3new3
little pallid3small flat3
double distant3own civil3
top secret3wet3
perfectly fair and aboveboard3perfectly fair3
aboveboard3ancient, greasy3
modern, civilized3gray, murky3
busy commercial3dingy wooden3
poor shabby3savage untamed3
central essential3proper central3
bitter, stony3bitter3
dim and delicate3little3
great grey3rainy3
good, yellow3good3
dear, dear3gloomy central3
indeed steadfast and true3indeed steadfast3
great big3few pale3
beautiful3well-behaved, proper3
gay and voluptuous3vast and intricate3
stiff3sober unemotional3
hospital, next3dull ordinary3
nice little3cold3
old busy3brave old3
same odious3stupid, satisfactory3
stupid3abundant, various3
abundant3stale dingy3
dull and selfish3eastern and southern3
evil and hideous3evil3
dreary, dusty3tough blue3
huge and poverty-stricken3dingy, dreary3
heartless, cruel3heartless3
grey and cold3dazzling, hard-working3
dazzling3ancient british3
smoky, money-making3smoky, grimy3
vast and terrible3ever loyal and true3
ever loyal3frank3
whole annual3bleak, inhuman2
bleak2balding former2
unobtainable old2venerable and sympathetic2
venerable2inadequate grey2
horrible low-class2solid old2
logical, everyday2logical2
large central2sober, everyday2
shiny black2big2
less fashionable2bustling, old-fashioned2
bustling2whole new2
black boxy2typical humid2
old historical2sleepy old2
dusty old2languid, impertinent2
languid2rusty, fusty2
rusty2great many2
ponderous, massive2ponderous2
fashionable and rich2fashionable2
burned-out and desolate2burned-out2
black, burned-out and desolate2vast stolid2
new grey2old-fashioned, black2
old-fashioned2pleasant old2
horrid, stuck-up2gay and happy2
forthcoming young2queer, incomparable2
highest and most fashionable2highest2
dear delightful2romantic, thy2
twin great2obscure and vulgar2
obscure2rich and populous2
diligent and dark2diligent2
more expensive2own mighty2
regular hard2short and dark2
short2idle and busy2
sullen, idle and busy2sullen2
few well-paid2old dingy2
good smart2great and unknown2
dirty dark2grimy, repulsive2
patrician2patrician and plebeian2
sluggish leviathan2literary and theatrical2
great and famous2such familiar2
small and decent2certain irregular2
sweet, siren2sweet2
convenient and comfortable2convenient2
ready, convenient and comfortable2ready2
little hard-working2grand, great2
grand2certain small2
sixth and last2sixth2
thick old2poor, wretched2
poor2useless and fat2
useless2great, bad2
artistic and critical2artistic2
huge hearty2gay or busy2
busy busy2new, fashionable2
own, preferred2own2
certain generous2stray, belated2
stray2own smoky2
old dark2rainy, dreary2
prominent middle-class2grey monstrous2
few war-time2thin black2
dirty, dingy2dreary, depressing2
own palatial2dull and respectable2
loose gray2thirty-fourth and thirty-eighth2
thirty-fourth2ordinary respectable2
familiar old-time2grimy, smoky2
small exclusive2last new2
certain great2large and important2
fine new2foggy and smoky2
dreary old2popular and fashionable2
popular2grey old2
multitudinous, universal2multitudinous2
much larger2energetic2
energetic and progressive2dirty, odious2
little, little2famous annual2
exciting and noisy2exciting2
strange old2surprising brand-new2
busy, prosperous2regular stereotyped2
old familiar2quiet suburban2
rich, smart2more important2
great retail2certain odd2
undaunted old2vast and unwieldy2
more picturesque2own true2
brilliant and intellectual2soft little2
impudent young2dreadful depressing2
more prosaic2real old2
terribly smoky and grimy2terribly smoky2
complacent2complacent and well-fed2
great and prosperous2dear foggy2
much greater2dim, late2
smoky, foggy2busy and commercial2
busy, brutal2dusty, hot2
dusty2own comfortable2
vast portentous2horrid, gloomy2
old georgian2several great2
grey, monstrous2thick yellow2
amorphous and alien2amorphous2
industrious young2misty yellow2
literary and dramatic2other fine2
callous, heartless2callous2
large early2other popular2
great grimy2rich and ample2
great silent2sodden and monstrous2
sodden2oldest and most beautiful2
oldest2black, thick2
wet and treacherous2most up-to-date2
dark, gloomy2certain young2
best and most complete2well-known professional2
late hot2new magnificent2
several large2small sordid2
dingy little2grey or foggy2
certain benevolent2decent law-abiding2
old picturesque2familiar and quiet2
foggy, cloudy2pale unsophisticated2
great gay2insignificant and unsuccessful2
insignificant2real inner2
real, immortal2real2
feudal old2prosaic old2
other miscellaneous2strikingly direct and acute2
strikingly direct2acute2
hideous infamous2hospital, royal2
urban and suburban2urban2
dark and gloomy2own especial2
filthy old2social and industrial2
social2smart, flimsy2
smart2romantic, wonderful2
familiar, dazzling2more difficult2
long, hot2many quiet2
cold gray2simple little2
earliest classical2ancient and virile2
false and infamous2false2
booming2booming, go-go2
great modern2beautiful old2
foggy, smoky2restful old2
fluffy old2unknown, greater2
unknown2warm muggy2
many young2many little2
many brave2many good2
sober, every-day2glorious, pitiless2
great annual2queer, dingy2
cold and hostile2dark, mysterious2
long, warm2other big2
late great2certain gay2
many notable2fine, flashy2
thrifty and shifty2smoky dark2
mighty fine2great smoky2
ancient and far-famed2own eighteenth-century2
dear busy2modern and medieval2
numerous old2beautiful and brilliant2
staid, respectable2staid2
so-called unmusical2hot and dusty2
pale little2pathetic little2
several fine2dear dismal2
past and present2past2
great hungry2brighter, cleaner2
unhealthy rackety2ordinary, every-day2
ordinary2many middle-aged2
dull, victorian2scientific modern2
respectable and intelligent2respectable2
same sombre2same old2
old theatrical2other typical2
certain central2dismal little2
small, commonplace2dirty odious2
modern and generally iconoclastic2more beautiful2
sour, half-starved2sour2
black old2more remote2
largest and poorest2largest2
frequent inner2other inner2
common and always interesting2many first-class2
famous and wealthy2famous2
great, dreary2beloved old2
cheeky little2far-away cold2
old particular2huge new2
other important2irish, royal2
irish2great dreary2
dingy, dirty2dear, dingy2
delicate fine2old, played-out2
sallow2sallow, fruitless2
own safe2same longed-for2
narrow but highly fashionable2narrow2
splendid but dingy2splendid2
more elegant2horrible old2
present eminent2huge, grimy2
little black-clad2many beautiful2
corrupt old2slim, young2
slim2much or more2
much2curious soft2
dreary and penitential2busy, smoky2
frank and hearty2huge and tempestuous2
well-to-do contemporary2genuine native2
flat dreary2sooty brown2
stiff and formal2fine young2
innocent financial2black empty1
big quiet1new, imaginary1
heavy anonymous1well-dressed languid1
dirty dull1inept little1
many fashionable1sooty and hazy1
sooty1nice juicy1
rich and famous1pure middle-class1
weary, wasteful1weary1
last signal1actually ready and able1
actually ready1able1
more immutable1wet, cold1
remarkable general1top1
negligent but solvent1impersonal, negligent but solvent1
big, reliable1universally noisy and dirty1
universally noisy1pure, working-class1
pure1civilized and sophisticated1
civilized1dreary, dirty1
sooty old1noisy, sooty1
more permanent1more exclusive1
sublime, sensible1sublime1
underground other1ancient and modern1
familiar victorian1rare, cloudless1
rare1modern and reputable1
more arcane1same bogus1
busy practical1seventeenth and eighteenth-century1
seventeenth1generic nighttime1
inner or outer1inner1
little, narrow1black and white1
alternate victorian1soggy old1
ubiquitous black1dickensian victorian1
grubby little1large, exclusive1
usual seedy1gritty, alternate1
gritty1own invisible1
hard-bitten, cynical1hard-bitten1
modern, post-industrial1typical old1
high white1latest fashionable1
rainy, colossal1smooth glaring1
dull foggy1many wretched1
difficult and painful1difficult1
large, old-fashioned1busy but not noisy1
big, hot1wicked, jaded1
cautious prim1late georgian1
hot dusty1noisy, old1
sturdy, self-reliant1sturdy1
beautiful, exciting1smoky, romantic1
certain famous1fine, stuck-up1
dreadful, ravenous1dreadful1
smoky, noisy1funny old1
stiff and solemn1own special1
great bulky1murky old1
well-known melodious1cold, miserable1
long outstanding1little stuffy1
many famous1large but incongruous1
dull hazy1dull, drab1
great and wonderful1old grimy1
own much-abused1great feverish1
great complex1drab old1
sober wealthy1little pale1
frank and merry1average residential1
full-blown characteristic1dim watery1
dim, soft1pompous, unspeakable1
pompous1certain equivocal1
grimy, murky1little nearer1
eastern or nautical1noisy, overwhelming1
old mighty1rich and liberal1
empty, joyless1empty1
mighty, monstrous1mighty1