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central and southern22northern and central20
upper and lower16western12
central and western11german democratic11
southern and central10central and northern10
northern and eastern9free9
western and southern8upper and nether8
poor7true old7
conscientious, studious6conscientious6
military6southern and eastern6
northern and southern6new political6
southern and western6pure and noble5
poor and noble5brave old5
free, democratic5capitalist, competitive4
eastern4free and independent4
good4thy slighted4
more and more4more4
own dear4dear little4
larger and stronger4larger4
strong, deep4strong4
poor dear4victorious4
great4apparently willing and able4
apparently willing4able4
modern industrial4good natured4
proud young4conservative4
western and central4cold, gray4
cold4northern and western4
seventeenth-century central3chiefly literary and intellectual3
chiefly literary3intellectual3
natural and normal3natural3
proud and arrogant3broad and fertile3
broad3official and unofficial3
official3greater and better3
defenseless, peace-loving3so-called cultured3
upper western2new prosperous2
eastern and northern2brave little2
military but industrial2greater military2
other modern2good or evil2
social democratic2noble, generous2
noble2barbarous and sophistical2
barbarous2common good2
dear old2good, comfortable2
more thorough2old dynastic2
romantic and realistic2romantic2
grave and profound2grave2
ridiculous, admirable2ridiculous2
troubled poor2federal democratic2
southern and northern2liberal and reluctant2
liberal2sentimental and illiberal2
sentimental2modern and mediaeval2
possible, northern2possible2
sober, hard-working2sober2
sweet and tranquil2sweet2
new and free2poor, misguided2
intelligent and patriotic2intelligent2
military and imperial2victorious and prosperous2
grand old2sweet old2
old gay2wise and sober2
wise2much stronger2
cheerful and absolutely certain2cheerful2
industrial and commercial2great and good2
animated official2modern bismarckian2
central and south-eastern2victorious and therefore stronger2
same fearsome2so-called constitutional2
commercial and industrial2commercial2
stronger and larger2stronger2
political and intellectual2political2
industrial and even intellectual2wise masculine2
mighty and ultimately rich2mighty2
stupid old2lusty young2
conservative and enlightened2dear simple2
ancient extinct2welcome and even further2
welcome2fine old2
pious, pure2pious2
peaceful, beautiful2peaceful2
contemporary higher2beautiful, glorious2
beautiful2dear beloved2
more pacific2now finer and higher2
now finer2higher2
sedate and sober2sedate2
middle-class and moderate2middle-class2
proud and modest2new unified2
industrial and economic2conservative, old-fashioned2
central and eastern2young vigorous2
less docile2masculine, masterful2
masculine2old romantic2
ambitious and cruel2ambitious2
new free2critical and philosophical2
critical2good old2
august fourth2military, modern2
thoughtful, careful2thoughtful2
spiritual and ideal2spiritual2
own populous2eastern and western2
curious and eclectic2curious2
dear, gossipy2dear2
great and liberal2more liberal2
northwestern1new and greater1
archaic, anti-historical1archaic1
rich and complex1rich1
new, unitary1old and pleasant1
old1modern, material1
proud, imperial1new particularistic1
modern and mediæval1modern and medi�val1
last exasperated1powerful, wealthy1