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central and southern19northern and central18
own beloved15republican15
own dear13old12
central and northern10glorious10
beautiful and noble10coastal plain10
eastern and northern10eastern10
southern and western9new9
beautiful and beloved9dear beautiful8
revolutionary8republican and imperial8
own beautiful8infidel8
southern and central8western and southern7
imperial7infidel and anarchic7
same natural6stuffy provincial6
old and new6impious revolutionary6
whole natural6splendid5
dear old5much more5
immortal and indomitable5immortal5
romantic5new social5
intoxicated and lawless5intoxicated5
central and western5old military5
imperial and democratic5relentless and stern4
independent but weak4independent4
own good4revolutionary and imperial4
beautiful, beautiful4southern and northern4
generous, enthusiastic4generous4
new and better4gallant4
glorious, golden4beautiful but unhappy4
arbitrary and administrative4arbitrary4
own sunny4sunny4
artistic, ingenious4artistic4
portugal4east central4
own native4operatic4
ignoble4beautiful, passionate4
dear4old, illusory4
gay and gallant4gay4
rich and prosperous4more tempestuous4
grand, majestic4grand4
nineteenth-century provincial3equally general and unbounded3
equally general3unbounded3
splendid and triumphant3new anarchical3
feudal3own sweet3
romantic and aesthetic3spare fair3
great, distant3civil and military3
civil3political and artistic3
graceful, refined3graceful3
bloody republican3giddy old3
more unfortunate3young and old3
distant and beautiful3distant3
strange2strange, hostile2
wide and fertile2south-central2
brave and romantic2brave2
thine own2medieval2
foul fair2royal and ecclesiastical2
royal2more enlightened2
impatient expectant2old feudal2
little feudal2noble general2
young and virgin2poor, unhappy2
old gay2eternal2
heterogeneous and preposterous2heterogeneous2
beloved but noble2delightful native2
fair, beautiful2fair2
same fair2haughty and triumphant2
haughty2pale and sunny2
pale2unknown, unfamiliar2
unknown2cool gray2
wide and beautiful2western and northern2
tidy, circumscribed2tidy2
feminine and masculine2feminine2
present-day anti-clerical2best second-rate2
much nearer2compact, cohesive2
compact2gallant, indomitable2
gallant and beautiful2splendid, superb2
ancient royal2great revolutionary2
ancient organic2great historic2
generous noble2twelfth and thirteenth2
twelfth2pale low2
beloved, beleaguered2prosperous, perfidious2
loyal and liberal2loyal2
good old2real, unspoiled2
real2wonderful new2
more hopeful2last sweet2
rousing western2wonderful modern2
modern, civilized2portugal and southwestern2
ancient or modern2now central and southern2
now central2imaginary commercial2
brave unconquerable2associate old2
old and young2teutonic northern2
romantic nor mountainous2old revolutionary2
ancient rival2modern bourgeois2
proud2proud and beautiful2
legendary or historical2legendary2
northern and southern2unpicturesque, unimaginative2
unpicturesque2relatively unprofitable and ignoble2
relatively unprofitable2beloved and beautiful2
northern and eastern2radical and democratic2
radical2strong liberal2
poor degenerate2southwestern and southeastern2
southwestern2german and modern2
german2always happy and prosperous2
always happy2happy, sunny2
poor unhappy2insolent and aggressive2
insolent2west-central and eastern2
west-central2contemporary adventurous2
liberal and anti-clerical2liberal2
anti-monarchical, liberal and anti-clerical2anti-monarchical2
present republican2free and intelligent2
dear native2northern seaside2
ancient, royal2prosperous, frivolous2
republican or imperial2admirable immortal2
incalculable, immortal2incalculable2
extremely abundant and beautiful2extremely abundant2
democratic and republican2democratic2
great and little2own unhappy2
smooth old2large incomparable2
enormous and triumphant2enormous2
same old2dear, dear2
now rich and prosperous2now rich2
now southern and western2now southern2
busy and frugal2busy2
new and nobler2free and liberal2
political and social2new and terrible2
plebeian and proprietary2plebeian2
dear, gentle2portugal and southern2
last but not least2last2
poor, downtrodden2little good2
northern and western2literary and critical2
literary2old monarchical2
british, republican2british2
western or southern2equally cruel and inept2
equally cruel2inept2
witty and warlike2witty2
lyric, northern2lyric2
ignoble, tawdry2baffling proud2
eighteenth-century2more democratic2
late eighteenth-century2neutral1
rural1always broader and emptier1
always broader1emptier1
medieval northern1french1
huge new1great new1
poor captive1infidel, revolutionary1
vigorous mediæval1vigorous medi�val1
vigorous mediaeval1intriguing1
rich and well-administered1own fair1
black1poor young1
beloved southern1mediæval and modern1
mediæval1medi�val and modern1
medi�val1mediaeval and modern1
mediaeval1former marshal1
poor old1rapacious and insatiable1
rapacious1boastful, revolutionary1
boastful1new, blood-stained1
old republican1free, democratic1
own far-off1present desolate1
western and central1frivolous napoleonic1