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Words describe europe

northern264western and central200
central and western143northern and southern100
southern98central and eastern95
central and southern91eastern88
central and northern76northern and central60
northern and western58ancient38
southern and eastern37central and east37
other western31ancient and modern28
western and northern27southern and western26
eastern and central24dear old24
western continental24southern and central24
northern and eastern23eastern and western23
mediaeval21western and southern20
mediaeval and modern18central and south-eastern18
eastern and southern16free15
new12medieval western11
eastern and southeastern10central or western10
western or central9old8
southeastern8northern or eastern8
central and southeastern8congested and discontented8
congested8east and central8
actual modern7southern and southeastern7
southeastern and central6ancient and medieval6
monarchical6free and happy6
medi�val and modern6medieval6
medieval and modern6own western6
modern continental6northern continental6
humanist and multilingual6humanist6
western and eastern6baltic6
rainy northern5coastal northwestern5
poor old5central or eastern5
late medieval5fashionable5
ancient celtic5rotten old5
free and self-reliant5undivided, democratic5
undivided5modern western4
more chivalrous4arrogant old4
cool northern4war-torn central4
best poor4contemporary western4
civilised4royal feudal4
northern and mountainous4dead, brutish4
dead4western central4
total western4eastern and northern4
more civilized4new and greater4
productive and commercial4productive4
least western3civilized western3
sophisticated, cultured3sophisticated3
cultured but cold3cultured3
corrupt southern3so-called civilised3
western and south-eastern3central, western and south-eastern3
celtic and teutonic3celtic3
noble and intellectual3noble3
healthier and happier3healthier3
less populous3fashionable female3
broken-down old3fashionable and artistic3
western and civilized3northern or temperate3
selfish old3younger and distinct3
younger3temperate western3
stagnant western3baltic and east3
eastern and south-eastern3baltic and central3
central, eastern and southeastern3old, old3
northern and coastal2central main2
big bad2northern, eastern and central2
generic western2wicked old2
strong2prosperous, civilized2
prosperous2free and progressive2
central or northern2new and healthy2
social and royal2social2
extreme south-eastern2south-eastern and central2
compassionate and generous2compassionate2
more prosaic2chivalrous mediaeval2
nascent modern2east central2
civilised and barbarous2ancient and medi�val2
ancient and mediaeval2brave and unthinking2
brave2monarchical and diplomatic2
much less2western or northern2
timid2timid, old2
northern and modern2entire western2
remote occidental2happy, happy2
happy2old, historic2
still dark and troubled2still dark2
troubled2feudal and reactionary2
feudal2perfectly feasible and easy2
perfectly feasible2easy2
political and literary2political2
old and civilized2much damned2
new and undivided2southeastern and western2
real or western2real2
semi-tropical and temperate2semi-tropical2
old heathen2central or southeastern2
civilised, humane2unemployed, disorganized2
unemployed2immature, reluctant2
immature2horrifying civilised2
mediæval and modern2mediæval2
northern or even southern2new and better2
human2human, scorched2
commercial and maritime2commercial2
present troubled2capital and western2
capital2monarchical and aristocratic2
benighted rotten2torpid moribund2
radiant, peaceful2radiant2
same new2southern and south-eastern2
superior contemptuous2frankly more or less2
frankly more2less2
now happy and free2now happy2
continental military2spacious and pompous2
spacious2present, western2
present2western and southwestern2
perturbed or polluted2perturbed2
monarchical, imperial2eastern or southern2
official and unofficial2official2
little good2genuine civilized2
less hostile2still conspicuous and similar2
still conspicuous2similar2
temperate and northern2temperate2
western civilised2western civilized2
civilised western2same civilized2
ignorant, poverty-stricken2ignorant2
over-populated, agricultural2over-populated2
necessary capital2still alive and active2
still alive2active2
hot, dry2hot2
staid old2tame old2
blood-stained old2premature appeal2
democratic2democratic, outrival2
young and vigorous2young2
desolate central2western, northern and central2
western, central and southern2western, southern and central2
diplomatic and military2diplomatic2
seductive old2old capitalistic2
dynastic, aristocratic2dynastic2
southern or eastern2corrupt old2
restless and wretched2restless2
wretched and restless2wretched2
indignant but powerless2indignant2
extreme southeastern2vain standard2
terrific upheaval2real interior2
true interior2legal, scholastic2
legal2eastern, central and northern2
artistic and literary2artistic2
eastern or central2central and occidental2
musical and unmusical2musical2
western, central and south-eastern2late blind2
sleepy old2eastern central2
now general and urgent2now general2
urgent2northern prehistoric2
new, beautiful2work-a-day twentieth-century2
present devastating2fashionable and diplomatic2
whole western2indifferent western2
far-away and mysterious2far-away2
whole, stagnant2whole2
easy-going and utterly corrupt2easy-going2
poor indolent2much nearer2
ago central and northern2ago central2
fourth-century eastern1helpless, prostrate1
helpless1dominant western1
modern and snappy1east or central1
old and new1more temperate1
patrician and conventional1patrician1
south-eastern and western1german central1
modern occidental1strange, sick1
strange1anarchic western1
more congenial1own feudal1
remote northwestern1evil old1
immoral old1savage old1
civilized old1strong and resurgent1
superstitious and credulous1superstitious1
eastern or northern1late neolithic1
old historical1alternate fifteenth-century1
many western1strong and generally prosperous1
enlightened and troubled1enlightened1
northeastern central1modern and medi�val1
modern and mediaeval1teutonic or germanic1
teutonic1blase western1
own great1cruel, heartless1
cruel1more sober1
desolate unhappy1grand old1
medi�val central1medi�val and seventeenth-century1
mediaeval central1mediaeval and seventeenth-century1
medi�val and early modern1mediaeval and early modern1
mediæval western1medi�val western1
mediaeval or germanic1medi�val or germanic1
tedious old1eastern or western1
glorious old1german-speaking central1