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Words describe england

dear old381merry old66
poor old57good old52
old new41free32
southern30own dear28
southern and eastern18early new18
free and happy13green and quiet13
old12little old11
ancient11free and enlightened11
wise, better10wise10
old merry10central southern9
long past9honest old9
rural8pure and quiet8
pure8ancient, beloved8
dear, dear8modern8
dull old8rich8
central and southern8puritan new8
merry little8peaceful7
late victorian7great old7
cold, foggy7merry7
own native7new6
modern, up-to-date6more6
practical6stupid old6
new new6greatest postmaster-general6
southern and central6steady old6
literary6more old6
grand old6spare old6
rainy, boring5rainy5
national5conservative old5
own beloved5new great5
traditional5unscrupulous old5
merry, merry5old rural5
foggy5own unsurpassed5
happy old5green cloudy5
great sluggish5quiet, rural5
broad free5western4
potential democratic4postwar republican4
more republican4wide4
poor little4old conservative4
much kinder4animated elizabethan4
monarchical4southern and western4
slow old4radical young4
decrepit old4powerful4
so-called civilised4more thy4
sober4fair old4
historical4stalwart old4
eastern4dear distant4
well-meaning old4beautiful old4
cold, dreary4envious4
new industrial4sweet far-off4
beautiful4northern and central4
literary and social4safe4
greatest general4colonial new4
tame domestic4old respectable4
moist and verdant4moist4
old, old4gallant young4
happy peaceful4old, worn-out4
rich and resolute4real old4
typical new4mythological, prehistoric3
mythological3rural, preindustrial3
rural southern3national and domestic3
medieval3modern upper-class3
traditional and ostensible3sleepy old3
noble old3visible phenomenal3
seeming incomparable3welcome merry3
contemptible little3miserable anarchic3
ancient and famous3industrial3
far-away3foggy old3
civilised3rural and industrial3
pleasant and merry3pleasant3
central and western3liberal and conservative3
liberal3clerical and aristocratic3
clerical3cold, wet3
foggy, smoky3sober colorless3
central and southwestern3northern and eastern3
dear, old3same old3
rotten old3unready military3
greatest admiral3foul3
wretched little3own unscathed3
thoughtful, majestic3thoughtful3
staid and formal3staid3
bloody dismal2western and southwestern2
green, green2own familiar2
sleepy2new, fair2
green and pleasant2easy mannered2
peaceful, law-abiding2glorious old2
late twentieth-century2wide, fertile2
mundane and beloved2mundane2
real, mundane and beloved2real2
own fair2gray old2
restless and unhappy2restless2
funny little2respectable and conventional2
respectable2monarchical but free2
fat central2fresh, luxurious2
fresh2peaceful rural2
re-created modern2ancient rival2
more and more2benighted old2
far better and more2far better2
more beautiful2practical, far-away2
much good2still great and powerful2
still great2dear discreet2
noble, beautiful2noble2
vivid own2separate modern2
lush young2commercial ideal2
sober, solid2more liberal2
ancient modern2much broad2
ideal merry2general official2
medieval and elizabethan2poor foolish2
rich, industrial2different old2
wealthy and enlightened2unwashed and unsavory2
unwashed2best sovereign2
peaceful, happy2happy and peaceful2
old aristocratic2historical and new2
cool green2perpetual, unadulterated2
perpetual2grown-up, articulate2
grown-up2old solid2
grave and stolid2grave2
solid, constitutional2solid2
dear and beautiful2harsh, cold2
harsh2smoky, foggy2
smoky2precious little2
democratic self-governing2dear detestable2
historical and political2eastern and southeastern2
cold, rainy2equally injurious and impolitic2
equally injurious2impolitic2
own new2dowdy, new2
dowdy2own humane2
complete new2far-away and half-forgotten2
brave young2musical old2
long last2much stronger2
now jealous and fearful2now jealous2
fearful2hostile, brigadier-general2
hostile2opulent anarchic2
opulent, fruitful2opulent2
still alive and productive2still alive2
productive2old pastoral2
glorious young2queer, cold2
queer2sober, speculative2
petty routine2practical, merry2
little better2economic and scientific2
economic2extremely intricate and perplexed2
extremely intricate2perplexed2
more, social2still more or less2
still more2less2
wide, busy2strong and hygienic2
strong2real definitive2
vehement and passionate2vehement2
quite small and insignificant2quite small2
insignificant2peaceful, sleepy2
new strange2elizabethan and jacobean2
elizabethan2dull, foggy2
dull2spanish sovereign2
free, glorious2present new2
original new2cheapest, sovereign2
cheapest2hearty hard-working2
snug little2indomitable old2
fair and tranquil2fair2
glorious, wonderful2glorious2
envious and reactionary2dear happy2
tame and stupid2tame2
valiant little2distant peaceful2
commercial and industrial2commercial2
comfortable and prosaic2comfortable2
strange, wild2strange2
strangely capricious and inconsistent2strangely capricious2
inconsistent2wholesome and vigorous2
wholesome2independent and irate2
independent2quiet little2
high and exalted2high2
industrial and agricultural2beautiful and flattering2
flat fertile2tame old2
poor frail2envious, hypocritical2
raw, rude2raw2
brighter and freer2brighter2
rigid new2black and white2
black2late seventeenth-century2
dirty little2stupid little2
paltry little2quiet and happy2
singularly rude and rough2singularly rude2
rough2positive and prosaic2
positive2monarchical or constitutional2
national or feudal2heroic, triumphant2
heroic2hard, realistic2
hard2old rainy2
wisest and most impartial2wisest2
rich old2merry and majestic2
old historic2conventional old2
always uncomfortable and arbitrary2always uncomfortable2
arbitrary2dark new2
soulless selfish2green old2
much elizabethan2happy healthy2
singularly wide and deep2singularly wide2
deep2free and prosperous2
powerful modern2great transatlantic2
much further2great upheaval2
central and northern2greedy and treacherous2
greedy2own rural2
thine own2happy and moral2
once happy and moral2once happy2
fictional portrayal2dear, peaceful2
fertile and pleasant2fertile2
pagan and teutonic2pagan2
dependent feudal2singularly separate and distinct2
singularly separate2distinct2
other new2dear cloudy2
old far-off2safe and happy2
vast new2multitudinous greater2
poor dear2degenerate old2
prosperous, beautiful2prosperous2
new liberal2modern visible2
rotten, wishy-washy2rotten2
southern and southwestern2specialized little2
dim and legendary2dim2
powerful and wealthy2old and happy2
essential pastoral2sober twentieth-century2
old inviolate2free and powerful2
great, free and powerful2great2
beautiful, rural2rich and variegated2
wealthy and progressive2wondrous old2
absolutely impregnable and invincible2absolutely impregnable2
invincible2free and noble2
old quiet2high-spirited young2
old weary2little puny2
green, cloudy2green and cloudy2
less attractive2rather spiritual and practical2
rather spiritual2more populous2
greater2greater, grander2
modern musical2new agricultural2
safe, snug2inexhaustible old2
native old2proud old2
own beautiful2strange new2
civilised and inexperienced2rural and prosperous2
enlightened and humane2enlightened2
new and greater2moral and philanthropic2
moral2highly moral and philanthropic2
highly moral2foggy, heretical2
platonic old2foul, traitorous2
hypocritical and puritan2hypocritical2
lower middle-class2gifted criminal2
healthy, prosperous2healthy2
brief, old2brief2
much nearer2own great2
old, modern2vigorous new2
tight little2younger, busier2
younger2prosaic old2
great new2tough little2
literary and intellectual2prolific, pious2
prolific2modern industrial2
more new2western and northern2
free danish2own merry2
once free and happy2once free2
eastern and central2southern agricultural2
traditional and poetic2mercenary, material2
mercenary2boorish and fanatical2
boorish2own proud2
sedate old2dark old2
present free2sleepy, comfy1
remote, gray1remote1
bigger and better1bigger1
medieval, rural1autumnal southern1
tranquil old1more prosaic1
new and gruesome1wild, old1
wild1bloody rotten1
bleak and savage1bleak1
more hospitable1cold, dismal1
cold alien1sunny medieval1
ancient rustic1upper-class, fifteenth-century1
upper-class1nineteenth-century victorian1
rural northern1fake and timeless1
fake1wet autumnal1
grey old1alternate victorian1
cold and reasonable1much older1
own victorian1fine old1
staid old1beautiful southern1
new commercial1new and happier1
old feudal1coarse, vulgar1
coarse1modern and mediaeval1
vain colossal1industrial and social1
modern and democratic1ancient new1
equally immoral and vicious1equally immoral1
vicious1original primeval1
cold, grey1big young1
far-away old1grand new1
sooty, foggy1sooty1
peaceful old1civilised, polite1
old happy1devastating old1
poor flat1far-away and enlightened1
little foggy1sleepy, solemn1
uncertain1uncertain and watery1
miserable, cold1miserable1
peaceful, rural1cramped and inferior1
cramped1calm, peaceful1
fat and lazy1much-abused old1
cold foggy1scornful and invidious1
scornful1dear native1
cold, wintry1cold, cozy1
civilized and cultured1civilized1
anarchical and illiterate1anarchical1
scientific young1dear, beautiful1
dour cromwellian1overcrowded, scientific1
overcrowded1nice cool1
poor, benighted1poor1
foul and treacherous1false, foul and treacherous1
false1german and barbaric1
german1homeless darkest1
still infrequent and weak1still infrequent1
weak1enough, spare1
enough1hospitable old1